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Available Domains

Make An Offer

These domains are available, and we invite you to make an offer. That does not mean we will accept just any ol' offer. But we will consider any reasonable offer.

FYI: these domains will typically be less expensive.

Serious Offers Only

The domain names on this list are not your run of the mill domain names. The list includes many 4 character .com domains, and some names with great buzz. If you don't agree don't make an offer. If you do agree then make a serious offer.

Generally speaking a "serious offer" for domain names on this list start at $1000. Friends and Domexx members should feel free to taken their very generouis discount into consideration.

Placement Only

These domain names are available to friends and Domexx members who are willing to trustee the domains and work with them.

They have a destiny, and we are looking for worthy volunteers that will help make that destiny a reality.

Feel free to contact us. Find out what the deal is with this destiny thing. And, verify whether you can (or already do) qualify as a friend and/or Domexx member.